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Pleated Fabric




Original Japanese kimonos, modernized by hand in Italy



The new collection, unique pieces created from original Japanese kimonos. Tradition meets the modern and minimal KAMI tailored cut.










Kimono: beauty, harmony, the scent of nature in our lives

 Righetti Rachele-10.JPG

I'm Akiko Kimura. I grew up in Nishinomiya, a city located between Kobe and Osaka in Japan. From an early age I admired the beauty and history of Europe. After graduating in dietology, my passion for art, fashion and beauty grows more and more: this is the reason that brought me to Italy.

I studied engraving in Florence and Milan, I have always worked in the fashion field. My passion for the Kimono began in Italy. The beauty of the Kimono is so original and unique.

I would like to insert the beauty of the Kimono by making it in the modern way with the revision (remade or remake), in order to  live an experience of wearing in the Japanese tradition in your daily life.

The Kimono is the traditional Japanese clothing.

The fabric expresses the nuances and scents of the seasonality and nature that surrounds our lives.

Together with the technique of painting, weaving and processing  a particular and fascinating world is created. I enjoy redesigning Kimonos so we can wear them and add their beauty to our everyday lives today to feel our precious nature and being.

From my BLOG,
updates on my creations and insights into Japanese culture.

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