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BW geometric

Matching sets, blouse and skirt. With Kamon, the family crest on both front and back. The white part is a Jacquard   geometric design. The skirt has a drape to the left, made of 100% silk.

Gray shaded of Chrysanthemum  


Matching sets with white blouse and wide pants printed with chrysanthemums in shades from white to gray. Lightweight simple blouse, all 100% silk.


Matching sets, blouse and calf-length trousers. A journey in color among the multicolored clouds, obtained from Furisode (a type of Kimono that has very long sleeves for young girls), 100% silk.

Pure Elegance  


Matching sets, white 3/4 length sleeved shirt and pleated skirt with band, made from Furisode, 100% silk.

Black and red geometric  


Matching sets, shirt and baggy trousers and black Haori. Also available with slim trousers, 100% silk.